What To Expect

Initially, we will chat on the phone. Discuss your pet, the location and time. I will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

When we meet for the photo shoot I will spend a bit of time just getting to know your pet, so they are relaxed and happy around me. I will never rush a shoot. Some animals need more time. I have endless patience as well as toys and treats.

When the shoot is finished I will edit the images. This takes approximately 2 weeks. I will then contact you to arrange for you to view the finished photos, either at my studio or your home, together we will go through the images and artwork products available. This is purely to help you through the process. There will be no hard sell.

If for what ever reason you can't or if you would prefer not to meet and go through the images together, I will send you a link to your own password-protected, online gallery.

If you purchase a piece of artwork, you will receive five social media ready digital photos free to share on social media. These come with a small copyright signature on them.

When you have chosen your products the images will be sent to the printers. You will receive the finished product approximately 3 weeks later. Delivered directly to you. 

“Our animals are more than just pets.
They are Family!”