Pirate Dog

Pet & Animal Photography

Devon & Cornwall

Studio & outdoor photography for dogs and other animals

You love it I'll photograph it.

At Pirate Dog, I offer a dedicated pet photography service. Dogs, cats, bunnies, reptiles, horses, cows or any other animal that you love and want a beautiful photo of in your home. My studio is at Bradworthy on the North Devon / Cornwall boarder or on location anywhere in Devon or Cornwall and am happy to travel further out if needed.

I Provide fun studio or outdoor, on-location, photo shoots for you and your pets or animals. Whilst the majority of my customers are dogs I have plenty of experience with other pets. I am happy to travel to your home for inside photos of those pets that cannot come to the studio or be taken outside.

Whilst it does make my life as a dog photographer easier, I don't expect my clients to always be the best behaved, most well-trained animals. I am the personal slave to two rescue dogs and whilst they are loving and adorable they really don't like to sit and stay. If I can get good photos of them, I can get good photos of any dog. It may just take a little longer.

Cornwall and Devon have fantastic outdoor locations for pet photography, the beach, woodland and so many other open spaces. I prefer to let my customer pick their favourite spot as you know your pets favourite walking areas. This will help them to relax on a shoot.

So come on, give your pet a photography adventure, it will be fun!

“I am happiest when out in our stunning countryside, camera in hand, creating beautiful images.”